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Departure PortAllDec
Amsterdam, Netherlands$2,199$4,198  $2,199$2,999$3,299
Arles, France$3,499view  $3,648$3,499$5,048
Aswan, Egypt$4,199   $4,199  
Avignon, France$2,999$4,198  $3,499$3,899$4,299
Baden-Baden, Germany$5,999      
Bamberg, Germanyview      
Barcelona, Spain$695$1,149   $5,599$695
Basel, Switzerland$2,020$3,798  $2,199$2,999$3,799
Belgrade, Serbia$3,299     $3,299
Bergen, Norway$5,999    $6,799$7,499
Berlin, Germany$4,650view  viewviewview
Blaye, Franceviewview     
Bordeaux, France$3,299   $3,399$3,599$4,499
Bratislava, Slovakia$3,799      
Bruges, Belgiumview      
Brussels, Belgium$3,299   $4,148$4,148$3,299
Bucharest, Romania$4,405   $5,499$4,405$5,005
Budapest, Hungary$1,856$1,970  $1,978$2,499$1,856
Cairo, Egypt$4,499     $4,499
Cape Town, South Africaview      
Civitavecchia, Italy$525      
Cochem, Germanyview      
Cologne, Germany$4,199$4,199   $10,899 
Copenhagen, Denmark$1,377      
Deggendorf, Germany$3,627   $4,298$4,398$3,627
Dover, England$565      
Dubrovnik, Croatiaview      
Giurgiu, Romania$3,448   $3,448$3,998$4,748
Gouda, Netherlandsview      
Greenwich, England$7,299     $7,299
Groningen, Netherlandsview      
Haifa, Israelview      
Hamburg, Germany$179 $179    
Hanoi, Vietnamview      
Heidelberg, Germanyview      
Hoorn, Netherlandsview      
Istanbul, Turkey$5,903     $5,903
Kherson, Ukraineview      
Kiel, Germanyview      
Kiev, Ukraineview     view
Kinderdijk, Netherlands$5,999$5,999  view$7,799 
Koblenz, Germanyviewview     
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Island, Canary Islands, Spainview      
Lemmer, Netherlandsview      
Les Andelys, France$4,299      
Lisbon, Portugal$799$799  $8,193$5,043$5,443
Liverpool, Englandview view    
London, Englandview    viewview
Luxembourg, Luxembourg$3,498    $3,798$4,998
Luxor, Egypt$3,799     $3,799
Luzern, Switzerlandview    viewview
Lyon, France$2,599$4,198  $2,599$2,999$4,295
Madrid, Spain$4,633     $5,533
Mainz, Germanyviewview     
Mannheim, Germanyviewview     
Martigues, Franceview      
Meissen, Germanyviewview     
Melk, Austriaview      
Milano, Italy$5,699   $5,699$5,699$5,699
Miltenberg, Germanyview     view
Moscow, Russia$5,499     $5,799
Munich, Germany$5,070     $5,070
Nantes, Franceviewview     
New York, NY$1,436    $1,436$1,871
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Englandview      
Nice, France$4,515   view$4,678$5,378
Nijmegen, Netherlandsviewview     
Osijek, Croatiaview      
Paris, France$2,999$10,903  $3,648$3,699$4,499
Passau, Germany$2,299$3,299  $2,299$2,599$4,399
Pauillac, Franceview      
Perth, Western Australia, Australia$3,270  $3,270   
Piraeus, Greece$1,039   $1,078$1,338$1,195
Porto, Portugal$3,995view  $4,248$4,348$4,895
Portsmouth, Englandviewview     
Potsdam, Germanyview      
Prague, Czech Republic$2,348$4,278  view$4,300$4,700
Praia, Cape Verde$6,793    $6,793 
Red Wing, MN$5,599      
Regensburg, Germany$2,599   $2,599$2,699$3,999
Remich, Luxembourg$4,748    $4,748 
Reykjavik, Iceland$1,748     $2,125
Rosyth, Scotlandview      
Rotterdam, Netherlandsview      
Rouen, Franceviewview     
Ruedesheim, Germany$4,145      
Saint-Nazaire, Franceviewview     
Salzburg, Austriaview      
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spainviewviewviewviewview  
Santenay, Franceview      
Sete, Franceview   viewviewview
Sevilla, Spainviewview     
Southampton, England$229view$329viewview$229$944
Speyer, Germanyviewview     
Strasbourg, France$3,799view    $3,799
Tarascon, France$4,095    $4,095 
Tilbury, England$6,799    $6,799 
Trier, Germanyview      
Tromso, Norway$1,923      
Tulcea, Romaniaview      
Valletta, Malta Island, Maltaview   viewviewview
Venice, Italy$1,598view   $4,899$4,899
Vienna, Austria$1,928$3,813  $1,928$3,078$2,056
Vienne, Franceviewview     
Vilshofen, Germany$3,198$4,198  $3,348$3,798$4,248
Viviers, France$3,995view  $4,598$3,995$4,295
Wolgast, Germanyview      
Wurzburg, Germany$3,999    $7,799 
Xouaxange, Franceview      
Zurich, Switzerland$2,878$3,845  view$3,298$4,445

Prices represent the lowest available price for a given sailing date, departure port, and/or month. All prices USD.

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