Travel TechnologyHolders of Tiger Being’s NFTs will automatically become members of a private travel club where each NFT functions as a ticket for exclusive experiences.

Buy an NFT to join this exclusive travel club

More NFT companies are offering additional benefits for their NFT clients.
More NFT companies are offering additional benefits for their NFT clients. Photo Credit: Tiger Being

Tiger Being claims to be the first in Asia to launch a private travel club membership where those who buy the company’s NFTs can unlock exclusive travel experiences curated by the company.

The Hong Kong-based company has created a collection of 4,096 NFTs which will be released for pre-sale on 31 March. From April, those who hold a Tiger Being NFT can “mint” or make transactions with their NFT.

One thing that differentiates Tiger Being from other companies creating and selling NFTs is that holders of Tiger Being’s NFTs will immediately be recognised as a member of their travel club, which promises “rooms in top-notch hotels exclusively reserved for members on a long-term basis”, private yacht sailings, and travel-themed private feasts, among other offerings.

Tiger Being’s members can flash their NFT as sort of a permanent e-ticket for them to enjoy the company’s collaborations with hotels, airlines, private yachts and other travel players. Some of Tiger Being’s NFTs are more valuable than others, and allows members to combine those alongside other NFTs of different value to upgrade their membership for greater benefits.

According to Tiger Being's statement, "members can participate in a series of exclusive experiences with their 'NFT pass', blending virtual and reality worlds, and share the joy of travelling without any restrictions."

What are NFTs and how can they create real-world experiences?

 A non-fungible token (NFT) can be likened to an original piece of physical artwork, only that it’s digital. Instead of getting a painting that can be hung up on the wall, the buyer gets a digital file instead.

Housed within every digital art piece is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data that establishes proof of ownership, which easily allows for the NFT to be deemed authentic or not when it’s sold or traded on the web. Studying its metadata can ascertain its authenticity much like how one would call in art connoisseurs to analyse the brushstrokes, canvas, and other elements on a painting that would determine it was indeed painted by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

Non-fungible means that it cannot be replaced by another identical item. While you may be able search for the NFT’s image on Google, it isn’t the original NFT because it doesn’t contain the unique data stored in the original NFT. Much like how you can print out a copy of the Mona Lisa, but of course, that will not be able to be passed off as the real deal and will hold no value, as one can see that there are no actual brushstrokes.

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