Immerse in a restorative island getaway amidst natural and historical hidden gems, beyond the thrills and spills of Sentosa's attractions and beaches.

Finding calm and wellness in Sentosa’s living nature and heritage

Travellers are increasingly prioritising enriching experiences for the mind, body and soul.
Travellers are increasingly prioritising enriching experiences for the mind, body and soul.

A coastal walk that unveils hidden marine inhabitants scurrying between land and sea as the tide retreats. A trekking trail off the beaten track that leads to a historic military ruin that is slowly reclaimed by nature. A wellness-focused resort that puts guests’ personal health and well-being at the core of its offerings and treatments.

What binds them together? They are some of the many experiences offered at Sentosa that provides an opportunity for travellers to explore natural and historic spots on the island while simultaneously boosting their physical and mental wellbeing.

As we move out of the pandemic, some of the biggest travel trends in 2022 are travellers’ concerted focus on nature, health and wellbeing. A recent study by management consultancy McKinsey, “Feeling Good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market”, reinforces that trend, with 79% of consumers saying that wellness is important, and 42% consider it a top priority. Having access to, and connecting with, heritage and natural sites is also deemed beneficial for psychological well-being.

Pandemic or no pandemic, Sentosa has been growing its list of memorable experiences, allowing visitors to choose from a plethora of offerings that give them the opportunity to reconnect with their inner beings and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Whether travellers prefer stimulating their minds with interesting facts of a destination’s rich heritage, getting in touch with nature through ecological tours, or simply focusing on a better connection to their inner core, visitors can look no further than the SentoSights signature tours, a new series of sustainability- and heritage-themed tours that explore Sentosa’s hidden gems in commemoration of the island’s 50th birthday.

Beyond its thrilling attractions and beach clubs, Sentosa also brings the therapeutic effects of wellness retreats and historic sites, plus ‘blue’ and ‘green’ spaces, altogether in one place. It’s no wonder why this island has emerged as a perfect antidote for wellness-conscious travellers to reboot, reconnect and relax in Singapore.

In tune with the past and present

Heritage clearly plays a unique role in enhancing the visitor experience as well as individual wellbeing at Sentosa. There are the physical benefits of clocking some steps in as visitors explore heritage landscapes, not to mention the enriching educational impact that broadens the mind when it comes to learning about the historic sites and the significance of the ground they tread on.

Highly recommended is the Serapong Trail, a guided tour part of the SentoSights series that requires a short trek up a hill to a fort where visitors can immerse in a bygone era — a labyrinth of historical ruins brimming with secrets like abandoned WWII structures and hidden bunkers which have been overtaken by nature.

Visitors who want to further slip into the illusion of travelling through time to uncover Sentosa’s past as a military fortress can additionally do so at a 19th century fort, recently gazetted as Singapore’s 74th national monument. Enter Fort Siloso, Singapore’s last preserved coastal fort that comes complete with coastal gun replicas, WWII memorabilia and fortified tunnels.

Sentosa’s storied past also comes alive at Capella Singapore and The Barracks Hotel Sentosa, both former accommodation quarters for the British military. Set against lush greenery, these properties’ restored colonial façade that retain an old world charm allows guests to be transported to another time, while their luxury offerings, service and amenities are an exercise of thoughtful personalisation. For military history buffs, the Barracks Hotel heritage walking tour, exclusive to hotel guests, led by a pair of army veterans is a must-do.

Where the wild things are

A different world, one where heritage trees, fascinating wildlife and untamed shores dominate, awaits those who venture into the island’s hidden realms. Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature have proven to be stress busters and improve physiological well-being.

Explore Sentosa’s unique hidden gem, Tanjong Rimau, one of Singapore’s last remaining coastal cliff and rocky shore habitat teeming with marine wildlife especially when the tide recedes. Get into explorer mode in the company of seasoned guides from the Sentosa Intertidal Exploration Programme to learn about the biodiversity and natural landscapes of this coastline.

When it comes to lush greenery, the Imbiah Trail offers just the ticket for relaxing nature hikes. Located 80m high on a forested hill, the trail runs 2.3km long and is interspersed with Instagrammable pit-stops along the way in the form of man-made structures comprising a towering cairn, a sleeping rock dragon and a waterfall.

For lovers of both marine and terrestrial life, the Coastal Trail running along the water’s edge and weaving through secondary forest, is a fantastic path that allows visitors to have a harbourfront view of modern landmarks like Reflections at Keppel Bay on the mainland, alongside glimpses of the old Sentosa with remnants dotted along the way. Lucky visitors may even be able to spot the local wildlife like bats, birds, macaques and snakes that call this sanctuary their home.

The art of wellness and self-care

Oasia Resort Sentosa offers a myriad of fitness activities that include Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise regime that also helps to liberate the mind.
Oasia Resort Sentosa offers a myriad of fitness activities that include Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise regime that also helps to liberate the mind.

A stay at the 191-key Oasia Resort Sentosa is an immersion in the art of self-care. Sentosa’s only wellness-focused resort, the newly launched retreat steers guests towards the path of holistic wellness with its slew of bespoke spa treatments, rejuvenating fitness programmes and wholesome dining options.

The resort’s signature Oasia Spa puts a bold and creative spin on spa traditions—think cryo facial using liquid nitrogen; a meditation lounge that recreates Japanese-style forest bathing therapy by infusing purified air with forest essence, and a tea lounge serving up unique tea blends combining traditional Asian remedies with modern-day herbs.

Not to be missed too are Oasia’s selection of curated programmes and activities such as hydroponic farming with herb and microgreen tasting by Grobrix, workouts of varying intensity from Les Mills’ HIT and core classes to Aqua Zumba and Qi Gong, to on-demand yoga and meditation sessions in the comfort of one’s room.

In keeping with its wellness ethos, Oasia Resort Sentosa’s Bedrock Origin—sister restaurant to the famed Bedrock Bar & Grill on the mainland—continues the steakhouse legacy with natural ingredients like grain-fed beef, locally-farmed fish and plant-based meat alternatives.

Discovery Neverending

In addition to appreciating Sentosa’s many hidden natural and historical gems as visitors explore the island in pursuit of wellness, residents in Singapore and overseas guests can also anticipate a pipeline of over 50 exciting offerings that will be progressively rolled out over 2022 in celebration of Sentosa’s Golden Jubilee.

The celebratory offerings commemorate Sentosa’s rich heritage, from its beginnings as a simple fishing village to becoming one of the world’s leading leisure destinations in the span of 50 years.

Themed “Discovery Neverending”, the celebrations surrounding the island’s Golden Jubilee will bring the multi-faceted aspects of the island into the limelight, including lesser-known and new leisure experiences.

As Sentosa celebrates the many big and small discoveries that the island and all of its visitors have made thus far, there are more exciting developments waiting to be discovered on this sunny slice of paradise.

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