Travel TrendsTravelport's study shows transparency, personalisation, and human-led support can boost customer loyalty.

What travel companies need to do to impress consumers

Travelport's encourages travel businesses to offer modern and supportive experiences that cater to consumers' needs.
Travelport's encourages travel businesses to offer modern and supportive experiences that cater to consumers' needs. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/ake1150

Travel agencies and companies are experiencing a surge in business, but a new study commissioned by technology company Travelport has revealed that there is still much work to do to fully earn the confidence of consumers.

The study, entitled "What Consumers Want," identified several gaps in the travel retail offering, including simplified experiences, easy support, and transparency.

The study found that the vast majority of consumers (93%) believe that the best retailers make it easy to find the products they want. This is particularly crucial for travel businesses given the countless components a single trip comprises.

Consumers crave transparency, with 90% stating that it is the most important factor, meaning that retailers must disclose the full details of products upfront. Doing so can help save customers time and earn their trust.

Interestingly, more than half of the respondents (59%) believe that getting exactly what they want is more important than how much they pay for it. This indicates that travel businesses should focus on delivering personalised travel experiences to their customers.

Another important finding of the study is the importance of human-led customer support. Three out of four customers prefer speaking with a human (via chat or phone) when something goes awry. Surprisingly, younger consumers aged 18-41 (83%) want more human support than their older counterparts (aged 42 and above).

The study also revealed that consumers value easy refunds and exchanges (43%), filtered options (40%), and personalised offers (29%).

Sustainability was another crucial factor for consumers, with nearly half (49%) stating that they would choose to spend more and 60% willing to take longer, indirect transport routes to their destination to save on carbon emissions when traveling.

Jen Catto, chief marketing officer at Travelport, believes that the travel industry can build on the goodwill it earned during the pandemic by getting modern and offering simple, easy, and supportive experiences to customers.

"Now that the industry is recovering, there is an enormous opportunity for travel brands to reinvest in their customer experiences, earning them customer loyalty while increasing their revenue simultaneously,” she added. “It's a win-win."

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