Travel TrendsNew Amadeus report reveals the evolving traveller segments for travel companies to better serve future customer needs and preferences.

The 4 different types of travellers you will meet in 2033

Four traveller tribes emerging in 2033: Excited Experientialists, Memory Makers, Travel Tech-fluencers, Pioneer Pathfinders.
Four traveller tribes emerging in 2033: Excited Experientialists, Memory Makers, Travel Tech-fluencers, Pioneer Pathfinders. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/cppzone

Expectations for travel and life in general have undergone a significant transformation over the past three years. With a shift in mentalities and priorities, it's crucial to understand how traveller behaviour stands today and how it may change in the future. This is why travel company, Amadeus, recently conducted a comprehensive investigation into the future of the travel and tourism industry – Traveler Tribes 2033.

The study, conducted in collaboration with Northstar Research Partners, invited input from over 10,000 travellers in 15 countries and 22 experts from various fields. The goal was to anticipate the evolution of the travel industry over the next decade by gaining a deeper understanding of traveller attitudes, motivations, and travel habits.

What makes the 'Traveler Tribes 2033' research unique is its approach to understanding the complex behaviour of travelers. The study took into account external influences such as political instability, demographic change, the pandemic, and sustainability, as well as the impact of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), fintech innovation, and data usage for personalisation.

By understanding the four Traveler Tribes, the travel industry can cater to the evolving needs and wants of travellers in the future.

1. Excited Experientialists

These travellers are characterised by their "try it and see" approach to life. With mid- to high-income and few commitments, they are well positioned to explore the world.

2. Memory Makers

These travellers value people and on-trip experiences over all else. Although they may not prioritise sustainability, they prioritise making lasting memories with loved ones.

3. Travel Tech-fluencers

These are the young business travellers of today, currently on modest incomes but confident their income will rise as they travel the world in search of opportunity. They are tech-savvy and open to advancements in technology.

4. Pioneering Pathfinders

With above-average income, these travellers live a progressive, fast-paced life and are always looking for their next big adventure.

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