Travel TrendsTTC Tour Brands unveils traveller motivations and sentiments in guided travel.

Why travellers still choose guided tours

Sightseeing and bucket list experiences remain a top priority for travellers, but there is also a growing desire for off-the-beaten-path moments.
Sightseeing and bucket list experiences remain a top priority for travellers, but there is also a growing desire for off-the-beaten-path moments. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/interstid

TTC Tour Brands has unveiled the results of its first-ever 'Big Tour Study,' a comprehensive global survey of TTC Tour travellers in Asia. The study sheds light into the motivations of guided travel, overall travel sentiment, and its implications for the tour industry as a whole. The findings aim to guide travel advisors in booking open-aged brands such as Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, and Costsaver.

Mae Cheah, managing director of TTC Tour Brands in Asia, expressed the company's commitment to supporting its partners by providing valuable resources and insights. The annual study will showcase the preferences and expectations of thousands of TTC Tour travelers, equipping advisors with the necessary information to tailor travel experiences and make informed recommendations.

The Big Tour Study highlights five key insights:

  1. The big icons remain big: The study revealed that 91% of TTC Tour travellers prioritise sightseeing and bucket list experiences. However, 62% also expressed a desire for off-the-beaten-path moments that can be discovered through expertly guided tours.
  2. Europe continues to shine: Europe remains the top continent of travel, with Spain, Croatia, and Italy ranking as the top three destinations within the region.
  3. Guided tours provide assurance: Travellers choose guided tours for the assurance of local expertise and a hassle-free experience. 82% of TTC Tour travellers value the destination and logistical expertise provided by guided tours.
  4. Tours deliver new experiences: The research highlights that exploring new countries or regions (67%) and immersing oneself in new cultures and experiences (61%) are driving factors for booking a tour. Additionally, 53% of tourers are willing to spend more on premium tours that offer a range of inclusions, including stays in 4- and 5-star accommodations.
  5. Strong desire for international travel: 99% of tourers prioritise international travel, with 86% planning to travel within the next 12 months. The study indicates that only 6% feel unable to afford a holiday due to the cost of living.

Furthermore, the study reveals that tour travellers seek connections with like-minded individuals, providing them the opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships during their journeys. The study also emphasises the need for more tour choices to cater to different age groups and their varying priorities.

The Big Tour Study surveyed 573 respondents across Asia, with a majority of female respondents (58%) aged 50-69 (66%) and working full-time (33%).

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