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How to target the 4 different types of APAC travellers

Those targeting tourists from Hong Kong, India, China and Taiwan should consider catering to their passion for exploration.
Those targeting tourists from Hong Kong, India, China and Taiwan should consider catering to their passion for exploration. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Peera

In a region as multifaceted as APAC, comprehending traveller personas is pivotal for travel companies to align their offerings with the unique preferences of their audience.

According to the 2023 APAC Travel Confidence Index (TCI) from, four distinctive traveller personas have emerged across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

  1. Conscious explorers (Hong Kong, India, China, Taiwan):
    • Motto: "Purposeful exploration"
    • These travellers exhibit a fervent commitment to exploring the world while minimising their ecological footprint.
    • They actively engage in eco-friendly and sustainable travel practices, such as ecotourism and the selection of eco-conscious accommodations.
    • Supporting local communities in line with their values is a paramount concern.
  2. Comfort seekers (Singapore, Australia):
    • Motto: "Uncompromising luxury and relaxation"
    • For this demographic, paramount importance is placed on comfort and convenience.
    • They gravitate toward indulgent experiences and accommodations that promise maximum relaxation.
    • Personalised services, high-quality amenities, and convenience consistently take precedence over sustainability in their travel choices.
  3. Mindful voyagers (Vietnam):
    • Motto: "Deliberate and compassionate exploration"
    • Travel decisions for these individuals are driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards the environment and local communities.
    • While actively participating in sustainable practices, they often contend with anxieties in unfamiliar environments and actively seek resources to bolster their confidence and navigate travel-related concerns.
  4. Homebound pragmatists (New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Thailand):
    • Motto: "Practicality and efficiency"
    • Practicality reigns supreme within this cohort.
    • Their preference leans toward practical travel solutions within close proximity to their homes, prioritizing efficiency and resource optimisation.
    • A travel experience that is seamlessly organised, efficient, and time-effective represents their ultimate aspiration.

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