Travel TrendsMany Gen Zers choose to splurge and blow their salaries in the same month, but they have very specific spending preferences.

How to attract the up-and-coming Gen Z travellers

From personalisation of products to ease of purchase, these are the things that Gen Z consumers look for when it comes to travel spending.
From personalisation of products to ease of purchase, these are the things that Gen Z consumers look for when it comes to travel spending. Photo Credit: GettyImages/DisobeyArt

In 2025, Gen Zers will make up a quarter of Asia’s population. If the growing trend of living from paycheck to paycheck for this generation continues, these consumers are the one to watch for being some of the highest spending travellers in the near future.

In China, there’s a growing group of Gen Zers dubbed the “moonlight clan” who have made the conscious decision to blow their entire month’s salary over the course of a lunar month, effectively living paycheck to paycheck.

These consumers grew up in a time when China was experiencing massive growth, and their impulsive spending habits stem from the belief that money can always be earned as they go along their spending spree. This also applies to other Gen Zers living in Asia Pacific whose consumer habits were shaped by similarly rapid economic growth.

According to Mind the Gap, McKinsey & Company's newsletter that focuses on Gen Z, here are what Asia Pacific consumers in this segment across look for in their travel and spending:

1. Personalised to their tastes

Gen Zs crave one-of-a-kind products or tailored services. This means that travel operators who have the ability to curate bespoke experiences specifically tailored to each Gen Z traveller’s preferences hold the potential to capture this burgeoning group of young travellers.

2. BNPL options to cater to their spontaneity

Gen Zs are not afraid to spend beyond their means, and if there is a particular product they especially covet, they may utilise buy-now-pay-later services to obtain it. For example, should the desire suddenly arise to travel to an exotic far-flung destination, but flight tickets are too expensive, they may search for airlines that offer a buy-now-pay-later option. Currently, Malaysia Airlines is one of such in the market.

3. Sustainability and affordability go hand in hand

Bargain hunting and thrift shopping are on the rise, as it does two of both things that Gen Zers look for: affordability and sustainability. While Gen Zers are concerned about their impact on the environment, higher-priced sustainable products may not beat out a lower tag at the till.

4. Convenience with “superapps”

Travel operators who have hopped onboard a superapp or agents who are using it as a new distribution channel will stand to gain from Gen Z travellers who want multiple functions and various products available for their perusal on one convenient platform.

5. Word of mouth sells

Gen Zers typically do not respond as well to traditional marketing tactics like billboards, TV advertisements and mailers. Instead, their desire to purchase a particular product is born from people sharing their opinions on it whether it’s by their friends, family or online reviewers. Product recommendation videos on TikTok, YouTube and other social media channels go a long way towards convincing Gen Zers to purchase.

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