Tour OperatorsThe locally-owned DMC looks to inspire positive change in travel with its comprehensive Climate Action Plan.

Tripseed gets real with climate action plan

Tripseed takes an honest and open approach to environmental sustainability with its comprehensive Climate Action Plan.
Tripseed takes an honest and open approach to environmental sustainability with its comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/newroadboy

Tripseed, a locally-owned and women-owned destination management company (DMC) in Thailand, has unveiled the launch of its comprehensive Climate Action Plan as part of the company's commitment to an honest and open approach to environmental sustainability.

Recognising the urgent need for action in addressing climate change, Tripseed – which is a founding member and signatory of the Glasgow Declaration – aims to reduce its carbon footprint and drive positive change within Thailand's DMC sector through the launch of its pragmatic and attainable climate action plan.

"At Tripseed, we firmly believe that honesty, transparency, and sustainable approaches are vital in addressing climate change and advancing tourism," said Ewan Cluckie, director of growth at Tripseed.

"Through our Climate Action Plan, we aim to lead positive change within Thailand's DMC sector and inspire others to prioritise the development of sustainable supply chains. We embrace our collective responsibility towards the environment and are fully committed to making a meaningful difference."

The Climate Action Plan outlines Tripseed's commitment to sustainability across various facets of its operations. Notable highlights include:

Realistic and achievable emission reduction goals
Tripseed has established clear targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its operations. By implementing sustainable practices and adopting eco-friendly solutions, the company aims to make measurable progress in reducing its carbon footprint.

Prioritising sustainable procurement
Tripseed recognises the significance of responsible procurement in fostering sustainability. The company is dedicated to partnering with sustainable properties, transportation options, and suppliers who align with their social and environmental values. Through sustainable procurement decisions, Tripseed aims to promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Integration of sustainable transportation
Tripseed actively explores innovative transportation options that prioritise sustainability. From promoting electric vehicles to encouraging low-carbon modes of transportation, the company strives to minimise its environmental impact and provide travelers with greener alternatives.

Collaboration with local communities
Tripseed acknowledges the importance of collaboration in driving positive change. The company actively engages with local communities, fostering partnerships to support social and environmental initiatives, conservation efforts, and sustainable tourism practices.

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