AttractionsNature conservation and appreciation go hand in hand at Singapore's Night Safari, with its new amphitheatre and revamped animal show.

Look out for Creatures of the Night

Special visual and sound effects and an LED wall offer a more immersive and multi-sensory Creatures of the Night experience at the Night Safari in Singapore.
Special visual and sound effects and an LED wall offer a more immersive and multi-sensory Creatures of the Night experience at the Night Safari in Singapore. Photo Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Singapore's Night Safari has unveiled a refreshed Creatures of the Night show in a new 1,000-seat amphitheatre with 30% more capacity and enhanced stage features.

With conservation, animal welfare and greater appreciation for nature as the key elements, the refreshed show now features new animal species such as the Indian crested porcupine, raccoon dog and bearded pigs, in addition to existing wildlife ambassadors such as the Asian small-clawed otters, Malay fish owl, and fennec fox. 

According to Mandai Wildlife Group, all animal presentations in its parks focus on highlighting the natural behaviours of animals. The animals are trained using positive reinforcement where they are rewarded with a treat when they complete the desired action, so as to ensure that all their behaviours are voluntary. 

Gail Laule, vice president of animal behaviour and programmes, Mandai Wildlife Group said: “Our challenge for the new presentation was to create a new storyline and immersive experience for our guests and to feature the unique adaptations and super senses of some of the planet’s most amazing animals. We also wanted to highlight the threats these species face, foster empathy for their plight and motivate everyone to do their part to preserve and protect these very special animals.”

Besides a stage outfitted with water features and thematic trees, the amphitheatre also features spacious back-of-house facilities that allow the programme animals to exhibit their diverse range of natural behaviours off stage, a key component in ensuring animal welfare and quality of life. 

The revamped facility now boasts multiple new tech elements such as an LED wall and the latest in surround sound and lighting, while it is now in a new fully sheltered location near the park entrance, allowing presentations to go on in inclement weather. 

As well, two new exhibits feature a rotation of different animal ambassadors including fennec foxes, binturongs, and the Burmese and reticulated pythons along the walkway towards the amphitheatre. 

The Creatures of the Night at the new amphitheatre in Night Safari will be held daily at 7:30pm and 9:00pm. Booking opens two hours prior to the presentation time.

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