DestinationsThe No 1. city with the most millionaires this year goes to New York, but eight cities in Asia Pacific also made the list.

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022

In Asia Pacific, Tokyo has the most number of millionaires living in the city.
In Asia Pacific, Tokyo has the most number of millionaires living in the city. Photo Credit: Adobe/Stockbym

According to the Henley Global Citizens Report for Q3 of 2022, Asia Pacific dominated the charts for the continent with the most millionaires. It is also interesting to note that out of the 20 cities listed, 14 are in countries that host formal investment migration programmes and actively encourage foreign direct investment in return for residence or citizenship rights.

1. New York: The wealthiest city that never sleeps

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022
Photo Credit: Adobe/Scottiebumich

Some 345,600 millionaires, 737 centi-millionaires (whose wealth is estimated at US$100 million and above) and 59 billionaires call the Big Apple home. This comes to little surprise considering that New York also houses the world’s two largest stock exchanges.

Most notably, the combined private wealth held by all its citizens goes beyond US$3 trillion, higher than the total private wealth across most major G20 countries.

2. Tokyo: Gambatte, Japan!

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022
Photo Credit: GettyImages/SAICHI

Despite a waning currency and borders that remain relatively shuttered in the past three years, the people of Japan are not only pulling through, but also making bank. Tokyo has 304,900 millionaires, 263 centi-millionaires and 12 billionaires.

The low number of billionaires compared to many other cities in the list shows that wealth is relatively evenly distributed, with the middle classes and lower-tier millionaires holding most of the city’s wealth.

3. San Francisco: The Golden City is paved with gold

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022
Photo Credit: GettyImages/SvetlanaSF

The city of San Francisco alongside Silicon Valley makes up the San Francisco Bay area which comprises of 276,400 millionaires, 623 centi-millionaires and 62 billionaires.

People who made their money in technology at Silicon Valley make up a significant portion of its billionaire population. The area includes affluent towns such as Atherton and Los Altos Hills.

4. London: Where the royals and rich reside

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022
Photo Credit: GettyImages/TomasSereda

London has maintained its status for being one of the wealthiest cities for a good number of years. Today, 272,400 millionaires, 406 centi-millionaires and 38 billionaires call it home. The homes and apartments that overlook Hyde Park and Regents Park houses some of London’s wealthiest.

5. Singapore: The city that inspired Crazy, Rich Asians

Top 20 crazy rich cities of the world in 2022
Photo Credit: Adobe/happycreator

The Lion City comes in fifth with 249,800 millionaires, including 336 centi-millionaires and 26 billionaires. Singapore is well-known internationally as one of the world’s most business-friendly city and a top destination for migrating millionaires.

Some of the more notable high-net-worth personalities who have migrated to Singapore include the likes of Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin and Dyson founder James Dyson.

6. Los Angeles
Los Angeles has 192,400 resident millionaires, 393 centi-millionaires and 34 billionaires.

7. Chicago
Chicago has 160,100 millionaires, 340 centi-millionaires and 28 billionaires.

8. Houston
Houston has 132,600 millionaires, 314 centi-millionaires and 25 billionaires.

9. Beijing
Beijing has 131,500 resident millionaires, 363 centi-millionaires and 44 billionaires.

10. Shanghai
Shanghai has 130,100 millionaires, 350 centi-millionaires and 42 billionaires.

11. Sydney
Sydney has 129,500 millionaires, 188 centi-millionaires and 16 billionaires.

12. Hong Kong
Hong Kong has 125,100 millionaires, 280 centi-millionaires and 28 billionaires.

13. Frankfurt
Frankfurt has 117,400 millionaires, 161 centi-millionaires and 14 billionaires.

14. Toronto
Toronto has 116,100 resident millionaires, 187 centi-millionaires and 17 billionaires.

15. Zurich
Zurich has 105,100 millionaires, 258 centi-millionaires and 12 billionaires.

16. Seoul
Seoul has 102,100 resident millionaires, 241 centi-millionaires and 25 billionaires.

17. Melbourne
Melbourne has 97,300 millionaires, 149 centi-millionaires and 12 billionaires.

18. Dallas & Fort Worth
The Dallas & Forth Worth metroplex has 92,300 millionaires, including 211 centi-millionaires and 18 billionaires.

19. Geneva
Geneva has 90,300 millionaires, 345 centi-millionaires, and 16 billionaires.

20. Paris
Paris has 88,600 millionaires, including 121 centi-millionaires and 15 billionaires.

Up-and-coming cities: Dubai, Mumbai, and Shenzhen
Dubai comes in at 23rd, Mumbai ranks 25th and Shenzhen stands at 30th. But this may change in the near future, as Henley predicts these three cities to break into the top 20 by 2030 due to their fast-growing markets.

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