DestinationsWhether retirees are looking for the best living standards, cultural offerings or safety, there’s a city for everyone.

Top cities in the world to visit and retire

Ubud comes in first as the top destination for boomers to visit, followed by Dubai and Tokyo.
Ubud comes in first as the top destination for boomers to visit, followed by Dubai and Tokyo. Photo Credit: GettyImages/Toa55

To identify the best cities for retirement,, an antioxidant producer and distributor, analysed each city’s data on different relevant themes from sources such as the World Health Organization, World Bank and the OECD among many others.

Top criteria include each city’s liveability, safety, and culture.

Ubud ranks first for the best boomer destination in the world, with Dubai and Tokyo close as its heels. Retirees in Tokyo enjoy the best cultural offerings, followed by Paris and London. Zurich is the best city in the world when it comes to safety, with Munich and Abu Dhabi ranking second and third. 

The tables below show a corresponding score to each country based on the different categories, with 100 being the highest possible score.

Top boomer destinations in the world

Ubud 100
Dubai 78
Tokyo 76.5
Chiang Mai 76.5
Paris 73.6
Barcelona 72.1
Tbilisi 70.9
Da Nang 69.7
Singapore 69.1
London 68.8

Cities with the best living standards

Tokyo 100
Wellington 90
Singapore 87.3
Paris 86.1
Vienna 86
Zurich 85.6
Copenhagen 85.1
Amsterdam 85.1
Osaka 84.8
Lausanne 84.4

Best cities for cultural offerings

Tokyo 100
Paris 87.4
London 81.7
Madrid 78.4
Moscow 76.1
Barcelona 75.
Prague 72.9
Saint Petersburg 72
Berlin 71.8
Milan 70.8

Safest cities in the world

Zurich 100
Munich 98.3
Abu Dhabi 98.1
Doha 98.1
Lausanne 96.4
Tokyo 96.3
Copenhagen 96.1
Dubai 95.6
Tallinn 95.3
Vienna 95.2

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