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The Muslim guide for travelling in Western Australia

The guide includes a detailed listing of Halal and Muslim-friendly eateries, enabling travellers to indulge in Western Australia's diverse culinary offerings.
The guide includes a detailed listing of Halal and Muslim-friendly eateries, enabling travellers to indulge in Western Australia's diverse culinary offerings. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/kenchiro168

Understanding and respecting the unique needs and preferences of different traveller demographics is crucial for fostering an inclusive and enriching travel experience. With this in mind, Tourism Western Australia (TWA) has taken a significant step forward in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the world of travel with the launch of their new Muslim Travel Guide.

Australia's largest state, Western Australia, is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes, vibrant Aboriginal culture, and burgeoning food scene. It's a destination that beckons travellers from around the world. However, recognising that a substantial portion of the global population identifies as Muslim, TWA has made it a priority to cater to the unique requirements of Muslim travellers, making their exploration of this vast state as seamless as possible.

The new Muslim Travel Guide serves as a comprehensive directory, offering valuable information on Halal eateries, mosques, and Muslim-friendly spaces and facilities across Western Australia. This resource is available in both English and Malay, making it accessible to a broader range of travellers.

With nearly a quarter of the world's population adhering to Islam, and this number growing at a faster rate than non-Muslim populations, it's evident that there's a significant need for dedicated travel guides that provide essential information and assurance to Muslim travelers. These guides help travellers observe their faith while on the road, without the worry of compromising their beliefs.

Ava Ang, Tourism Western Australia Country Manager for Singapore and Malaysia, explains, "Western Australia is a diverse and inclusive state that offers a warm welcome for the growing number of Muslim travellers in the region. We know that Muslims need to plan their trips carefully, so this guide was designed to take the hard work out and provide an easy reference tool that addresses their particular preferences and needs, while also inspiring them to explore the wonders of the state."

The Muslim Travel Guide goes beyond just listing Halal eateries and mosques. It serves as an indispensable resource for travellers, regardless of their religious background. This guide offers a wealth of comprehensive information, including travel guidelines ranging from arrivals to driving and public transportation. It ensures that travellers, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, have access to vital information for a smooth and well-prepared travel experience.

Furthermore, the guide provides a detailed listing of Halal and Muslim-friendly eateries, ensuring that travelers can savor the diverse culinary delights that Western Australia has to offer while adhering to their dietary preferences. It also includes a separate directory of mosques and musolla, making it easier for Muslim travelers to find places of worship during their journey.

Download the guide here.

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