DestinationsUAE travellers are going on more trips and spending more on their vacations.

Could the Middle Easterns be the new global travellers?

About 88% of UAE residents want to travel in 2023.
About 88% of UAE residents want to travel in 2023. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/AFZALKHAN

As the global travel landscape evolves, a survey conducted by global consulting firm Simon-Kucher unveils that an impressive 88% of UAE residents intend to explore new destinations in 2023.

This figure significantly outpaces last year's 79% and even surpasses the global average. The survey, encompassing over 5,000 participants from diverse nations, including the UAE, the UK, the US, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain, offers a glimpse into the changing dynamics of global travel.

However, the narrative doesn't stop at a heightened interest in travel. UAE residents are also demonstrating a willingness to allocate more financial resources to their voyages. A substantial 72% of respondents have opted to increase their travel budgets, showcasing a determined commitment to elevate their travel experiences. This striking trend diverges from the global average of 58% observed across other countries.

Remarkably, financial constraints are proving to be less of a deterrent among UAE residents, with a mere 10% attributing their decision to stay home to monetary factors. This signifies a remarkable level of travel fervor and an unyielding eagerness to explore new horizons.

UAE travellers are displaying proactive travel planning habits, with a noteworthy 54% opting for early trip bookings. This stands in stark contrast to previous years and global norms. Among these early birds, 45% are drawn by enticing offers, while 34% are compelled by the anticipation of potential price hikes due to inflation.

Interestingly, majority of UAE travellers choose to independently arrange their trips, bypassing the use of travel agents. Respondents cite the freedom that accompanies self-planned journeys and expressed a preference for avoiding the constraints associated with pre-structured, all-inclusive vacation packages. This shift in consumer behaviour necessitates travel providers to reconsider their approach to engaging with these travellers.

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